Payment Options

We want to make your online experience easy as possible and provide several payment options. Once you have completed your order, proceed to checkout and then choose the preferred method for payment.

1. Secure online credit card payment

The simplest and preferred method is for you to pay using the automatic online secure payments option. We use real-time 128Bit SSL Secure Credit Card Transaction processing via Direct Payment Solutions, an independent secure website that will record the payment transaction. At no time do we have access to your credit card details; you can be confident that the transaction is safe and secure. This method allows for immediate acceptance of your transaction to expedite your order without delay. As soon as your payment has been confirmed you will receive a confirmation email and your order will be dispatched promptly. All major credit cards are accepted and a tax invoice will accompany your order.

Please note that some card issuers may exclude types of credit cards (some corporate cards or purchasing cards may have certain restrictions put upon them) from making Internet transactions. If your credit card transaction is declined (there can be several reasons) but you are sure that this should not be the case, then your card may not be enabled for this type of transaction. In this case just change the method of payment to EFT/Phone Payments - we will then contact you to arrange payment using standard EFTPOS facilities not associated with the Internet.

2. EFT/Phone Payments

This option is for anyone who prefers not to or cannot use a credit card payment via an Internet connection. Simply choose this method for payment and we will contact you by phone or email to arrange a manual payment. Your order will be automatically confirmed but will not be despatched until we receive clear funds. Upon confirmation of your order you will receive a tax invoice via email. You need to then arrange payment to us by either EFT, Credit card (phone or email us with your details), or post a cheque.

Purchase Orders

If you wish to order items via the traditional method of raising a purchase order (receive goods first and pay later); this option is not available for casual or one off purchases. As an online store we are not setup nor have we taken into account the costs involved in maintaining credit accounts when we set prices online. If you plan to purchase regularly from us then we are happy to organise a trading account once a formal credit application has been submitted and approved, however online discounts and other incentives offered may not apply. We encourage you to take full advantage of Internet shopping by using one of the payment options above.